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It is widely acknowledged in the contemporary development discourse that social innovation often emerges through for profit companies that seek more than pure profits or when nonprofit organizations find more secure funding models. This implies that social innovation can be achieved through hybrid organizations that combine aspects of nonprofit and for-profits to achieve social impact.  In other words, social innovation can emerge when for-profit corporations prioritize social values and seek social and environmental gains through their selective investments and when nonprofit organizations maintain a stronger focus on sustainable revenues to maximize their potential social impact.

For the sustainability of our organization and to be able to initiate and fund our own socially innovative initiatives, we offer a number of services to non-for-profit, private sector, and public sector organizations aimed at ensuring sustained revenues streams for the organization. We will utilize the funds generated from our advisory and consulting services for promoting social innovation and social entrepreneurship among youths (both males and females) for addressing the socio-economic, development and humanitarian challenges facing Afghanistan. 

To better respond to the needs of the market and ensure greater impact of our services, we have been able to bring together a multidisciplinary team of qualified development and management practitioners, researchers and academics, who bring along extensive expertise and share a common vision for tackling the development, humanitarian and social challenges facing Afghanistan.

We are deeply committed towards developing viable and cost-effective solutions for our clients using our in-depth contextual understanding, innovation, and creativity. We offer a broad range of Development Advisory and Management Consulting Services, including but not limited to the following:

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