ODIR, Where Passion Meets Creativity and Innovation

Who We Are

Organizational for Development Innovation & Research (ODIR) was established in 2020 and formally registered with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Economy in 2022. ODIR is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded with the aim to meaningfully and substantially contribute to Human Development in Afghanistan, with particular focus on marginalized groups, through rigorous research, advocacy and innovative developmental solutions in partnership with the local communities and other national and international actors.

Our Vision

ODIR turns into platform for selfless individuals, who whole-heartedly strive to make a difference in the lives of Afghans through dedication and concerted efforts with the ultimate goal of leaving a peaceful, prosperous, self-reliant and developed Afghanistan for the future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to play a meaningful role in the socio-economic development of Afghanistan through innovative solutions building on the lessons from the past and with a view to the ever changing world of the digital era.

Our Values

Strategic Objectives

Contribute to the socio-economic development of Afghanistan in meaningful ways, through rigorous research, advocacy and the development of context-specific sustainable solutions in the framework of “Positive Peace”.
Generate, acquire, allocate and invest financial resources for developing context-specific programmes in the areas of sustainable livelihood development, economic recovery, education & human capital development, food security & nutrition, health, resilience, and the overall human development.
Promote a culture of social innovation in Afghanistan for addressing the critical socio-economic, development and humanitarian challenges using indigenous solutions and resources;
Contribute to empowering and engaging Afghan Youth (both males and females) in the rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan, especially through developing their skills in social innovation, emerging technologies driving industry 4.0, entrepreneurship, civic engagement and peacebuilding, which we believe are crucial for the sustainable development of Afghanistan.
Build capacity of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and local Civil Social Organizations (CSOs) for playing their due role in ensuring good governance, rule of law, countering corruption, community cohesion, peacebuilding, environmental protection and green development in Afghanistan;
Contribute to empowering the marginalised segments of the society to lobby, network and advocate for their holistic socio-economic integration and due rights as citizens of this country;
Contribute to fostering a culture of accountability in Afghanistan through dialogue, advocacy, impact-oriented undertakings, community-driven development and closer partnerships with the target communities;
Generate, acquire and responsibly mobilize resources to meaningfully contribute to addressing the critical humanitarian crises facing Afghanistan and Afghan communities in the aftermath of collapse of the republic in 2021;
Build strategic partnerships with the local communities, international aid agencies, research institutions, Afghan private sector, national and international civil society organizations, human rights groups, Afghans in diaspora, Academia and other like-minded national and international organizations, for collaborative works for achieving the stated strategic objectives.

What We do?

Human Development

We at ODIR have identified a number of areas for engagement in the current context for contributing to the socio-economic development and the overall human development agenda of the country...

Research & Advocacy

Being a knowledge-based organization, research and advocacy are integral parts of ODIR’s mandate. We are committed to play an important role in support of the socio-economic and peacebuilding priorities of the country..

Innovation Hub

Using this platform, we intend to collaboratively work with social innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists, researchers, youth, community-based organizations, civil society organizations, other like-minded national...

Social Cohesion & Peacebuilding

Considering our in-depth understanding of the conflict and peace dynamics of Afghanistan, we believe ODIR can play an instrumental role in contributing to fostering social cohesion and peace for the sustainable...

Emergency Relief & Assistance

In the recent years, the humanitarian situation of Afghanistan has consistently deteriorated due to a variety of contributing factors, including draught, climate shocks, war and COVID-19 pandemic...

Advisory & Consulting Services

We are deeply committed towards developing viable and cost-effective solutions for our clients using our in-depth contextual understanding, innovation, and creativity. We offer a broad range of Development Advisory...

In view of the emerging context of the country and considering our organizational mandate, mission, vision and institutional strengths, we have identified the following priority areas for our engagement:

Head Office